Choosing to move forward

As I gain experience with new skills, I develop confidence.

With confidence, I’m trusting myself to make good decisions. Mixed in with mistakes! Because mistakes are part of the human condition. And because it’s not possible to know ahead of time what might turn out to feel like a mistake afterward. Yes, iit’s hard to know what to do. Especially since I can only do a little.

What I’ve learned is that doing is a critical part of moving forward.

So, mistakes and all, I choose to do.

I choose to move forward.

What can you do today that will help you move forward?

If you were to let go of what’s holding you back, what might you choose to do?

How may you practice an even smaller aspect of that today?

Do you really have to delay until “some” tomorrow or can you do part in some way today?

I’ve found it’s useful to pick little things. Then simply experiment by doing those little things and seeing what happens. That way I dare to move forward. I gain momentum! And I correct course based on the mistakes that crept in. Trusting myself to make good decisions comes from practice.

I encourage you to practice on one size smaller than the smallest thing so that something fits into today!

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