Got goal distractions?

It’s frustrating when fear distracts me from goals!

Practicing achieving small goals helps me figure out what to do next.

That’s valuable because I’ve got big dreams and big challenges.

It’s a tough combination that requires consistent vigilance.

Fear tends to dissipate when I’m intent on something I care about.

So I find that it’s useful to choose to do what fits me on a given day. That changes from one day to the next.

Indeed, it often changes from one part of a day to the next based on what intervenes. For example, when something scares or startles me, that leads to muscles tensing up which impacts my injuries and causes pain. Then I may have a situation at hand where I need significant stretching, walking, and other forms of getting myself well cared for.

Because then I’m able to connect my feelings and attention in a way that leads to me creating value.

Creating value happens by applying myself and my abilities here and now.

I like creating value!

Goals are about living the present moment in a way that fits both now and for the future.

When I remember that, then I’m more able to achieve one small goal today and then figure out what’s a good fit for what to do next. I may add work to the day… or I may need to simply rest.

I find it’s satisfying to focus on what matters to me and to do something of value that has meaning and purpose to me. And to take care of me as I go my way, enjoying this journey through life.

Goal distractions do happen and will continue interrupting . Disasters will happen along the way, too.

Getting practice choosing what fits today’s situation is useful all in itself!

Recognizing what fits now and doing exactly that (no more, no less, not something else!) is a way to keep the here and now working well no matter what happens. It’s also a good way to stay on track for the long term! Because taking big dreams and big challenges and making the kinds of results that matter to you happen is possible with work, persistent growth and slow self improvement.

I like to help people. So I appreciate you being here enroute to your own personal transformation as you turn your dreams into reality.


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How to move forward

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