Personal transformation whenever you take a leap in life

Doing what you need to do can be an emotionally lonely experience.

It can feel lonely emotionally whenever you take a leap in life.

For example, when you run an online business, most of the people in your life don’t realize the investment you’re making. There are so many skills to learn. As you gain and practice new skills, you start out helping one person at a time – interacting by email, one on one, as well as by whatever you share in public materials.

Each person you help is in their own unique situation – and may be from nearly any country in the world. Even though I’m still very much in the startup phase, I’ve been helping people from many countries as well as my own. I apply all my lifetime of experience as I do so. And I learn from helping each person (thank you for being here!).

When you get it right online, you begin to help more people. As you do, what you learn positions you to grow your business in ways seen in famous companies. Because when you help people, you’re planting the right seeds. When you do so online, you can do something small and build from there without huge startup financial costs and drama. Because you can practice building slowly, simply, by doing little things that leverage your lifetime of experience. Because you can learn and build at the same time.

It’s a big leap to run a business.

Yet whenever you embark on a human venture of any kind, even if it’s a tiny personal transformational project that just involves you, there’s a big emotional investment of yourself.

There’s a learning curve – and lots of frustrations.

I wanted to share this with you because you’re making your own big leaps.

There’s bound to be frustrations along the way.

That’s why it’s so important to celebrate the small successes along the way.

Personal transformation is a journey.

Dare to savor the moments of today’s itsy bitsy teeny tiny successes.

Whatever is part of how you want to transform yourself is made up of the tiniest moments. Look closely today and you’ll find some to celebrate. Even if the celebration is as small as a smile and a quiet “Good job” to yourself, I encourage you to mark the moment kindly, gently and with compassion for yourself.

Make time today to close your eyes and remember today’s successes.Savor these moments of your journey. Compassionately acknowledge the importance of today’s tiny accomplishments on this journey of your life. Celebrate in some tiny appropriate way.

Then? Find a different way to celebrate tomorrow!

I find that it’s important to accept that celebrating is part of personal transformation.

by the way, here are encouraging words from me on youtube to lift you up:

Choosing to keep moving forward works

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