Action plus readjusting

When rockets take off it’s countdown, takeoff – and readjusting.

Because they constantly go the wrong direction. Constant re-adjusting is necessary.

I find that same pattern in my own life and business. Preparation and implementation is my own countdown, takeoff — and there’s ongoing re-adjusting.

Re-adjusting makes sense!

I encourage you to act, to go a little bit. As best you can in the right direction. Allow it to be okay when you discover it’s not quite the right direction. Dare to try things, to explore, to experiment – and to re-adjust.

When I get the fit right for today, I make a tiny difference in people’s lives and in my life. My small things can change people’s worlds in small ways that deeply matter. Small things done consistently compound over time. Similar to the financial power of compound interest!

As I readjust my actions, I also readjust my attitude. I transform my life.

What direction are you headed that may be not quite right today?

What would it mean to you to correct that so that you’re doing what you need to be doing?

How can you re-adjust today in a small way that will re-align you with your goals?

While you’re here, I’ve got an uplifting youtube ready for you:

Today’s a good day for gratitude

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