Gratefully taking action

I’ve found that I simply need to act. Act! Even when the right action is simple reflection. That’s how I keep moving forward. That’s how I keep figuring out what fits here and now to build my future and live my life now.

There are going to be times in your life when taking any action is sufficient.

Because some days, just taking some kind of action, gets you more awake, alive, and ready to figure out what you want. Because when you’re feeling stuck, that kind of action, whatever it may be that fits for you right now, is good… and sufficient for now.

Whenever I want to know what to do next, what I find helpful is to pay attention to my feelings — including my feelings of what I want to make  happen for helping others and for building my future.

Just for today, pay a little bit more attention to what you want than you usually do. Compare this moment to your future wants. Consider with compassion the people you want to help, and what you’re capable of offering for help now.

Figure out which actions help you live this moment well as you grow to be who you really want to be.

Mix it up! Look more closely today… then look a bit less closely tomorrow 🙂

Why? Variety! I’ve discovered variety makes a difference.

I’m grateful for that realization becoming deeper and deeper.

Hey, while you’re here, I’d love to lift you up to inspire you to the bits and pieces that’ll build your dreams…

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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