Attracting yourself to the process of getting what you want

How I approach what I want tends to either attract or distract (perhaps even repel) the help I need.

The help I need from myself! From others, too.

I prefer to attract help from myself and others!

Sometimes a better approach is within reach by a tiny adjustment.

For example, one fine tuning that helps comes from the discipline of research psychology. From many experiments, scientists demonstrated how positive approaches are more effective as well as that there are less negative side effects. I learned that in my study of the psychology of learning (1 of my degrees) and I’ve continued paying attention since then.

PLUS? Positive approaches are a whole lot more fun.

So I tend to look for what to focus on in positive ways.

What to add in to attract what I want!

For example, when I’m taking action to move toward something, that tends to work.

Right now, I’ve gained back some of the weight I’d lost. Some is okay but I’ve gained back more than just a few pounds! I’m approaching it in a positive way. I’m allowing myself to increase my awareness of my desires around fitness and proper nutrition.

I want to be healthy and fit and to enjoy the advantages of being a proper weight.

I’m moving toward that by allowing my eagerness for the benefits to pull me forward.

I’m taking action to improve the quality of what I eat.

I’m drinking good quantities of water!

Lots of little things.

Being in the present moment, working on putting a lifetime process in place is attractive.

It pulls me forward on my desire to weigh in at a different weight!

What do you want?

What positive approach to little things can you put in play?

What fun focus can you adopt to attract yourself to the process of getting what you want?

Success is often in the silly small stuff applied in positive ways.

While you’re here, I’ve got a few words over on youtube to lift you up:

Gaining mental toughness

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