About reaching high AND days where simply surviving is enough

Goals are a way to implement your decisions… simply a tool.

Sometimes, a tool is useful for many days in a row. Other times other tools are needed!

Dreams are about what you want. Decisions on what to do now do come from dreams.

Yet wise decisions come from sifting through lifetime dreams and today’s situation.

Because every day has its own challenges! And there are phases in life when simply surviving is enough.

For example, right now, there are small things I can do toward my dreams. And there are many things I must defer for now.

I’ve discovered there are days (even years!) when simply surviving is sufficient.

Other times I’m readily reaching for dreams.

I’ve found that each day I must figure out what today’s situation is. I must decide what to work on based on today’s challenges… not simply on my dreams, goals and other tools.

Yes, my goals are great tools for making dreams come true!

Yet I’ve got to live my life in today, amidst today’s challenges.

I’ve learned to pay attention to the present moment.

What’s going on for you in this present moment?

Are you reaching as high as you can for this day? If not, dare to reach more!

Or might today be a day when you need to defer a dream, delay a goal and use a different tool to simply survive today? If so, be wise. Handle today’s challenges. Some days, simple survival is enough.

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