How to Gain Insights from… You!

In backing off from pushing too hard, I got insights that helped me grow.

Sometimes the next step is to slow down!

When I slow down, I tend to appreciate my progress.

Then in the gratitude for my achievements, often I gain an insight.

Yes, I need to push. And I need to pull back and recognize my efforts.

What part do you need more of today?

Are you going too slow? Push today on something that matters to you.

Did you push something through recently? Hey, maybe celebration’s today’s step!

Are you pushing too hard right now? Hit the pause button. Take a nap or a walk or whatever it is for you today.

I did my walk. I think I need a nap…

How about you? What can you do to make this day fit your needs better?

Got dreams? Got weaknesses? We all do! Here’s how to fit them together:

Use goals as tools! Know when to set tools aside today (and when to reach higher!)


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