Do you want the best you today? Here’s the fundamentals of how to individualize personal transformation to you

I’ve found that being in the present moment helps me.

More of me gets poured out. More of my best!

Letting go of yesterday, tomorrow and other concepts.

Simply doing whatever I’m doing.

As I do, I find that the smaller the task, the tighter I’m able to focus in and get it done.

Writing a book? Nope! Writing this sentence.

Delivering a presentation? Nope! Helping a person facing that grow by these few words.

By being in the present moment, my awareness and abilities begin to pour forth.

I’m getting practice at that! I notice that as I practice, I get better. I do my best today by being in the moment I’m in, simply and wholly. It’s a joyfilled, peaceful place to be and to accomplish my best.

You’ve got talent you have not tapped! Brain capacity is huge; we only use a small percent.

Reach within for a different view of your moments today.

I suspect you’ll find, as I am, that there’s way more of you availble to do your best with.

Accepting what I’m working on and with right here and right now draws out the best in me.

by the way, here’s how to move on in life with insights from yourself – it’s me on youtube to help you push, celebrate, and step back to pause too.

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