How I get myself to show up persistently

Trust! By daring to trust, I respond to today’s situation.

For example, pain keeps me from walking at times. Reality is that I need to stay put sometimes. Push through other times! I dare to trust during such times that I will figure out which works for each part of each day. I tenderly care for me. I encourage myself to show up for my daily habits and routines, as and when I can.

I carefully do what I need to do. By trusting, I am often able to move beyond the pain in surprising ways.

Sometimes doing must be by thinking! Some days even that’s a stretch.

By trusting, I do according to what fits with the circumstances.

This helps me show up!

What helps you show up?

What helps you in fully showing up as yourself, for you, for your family, friends, colleagues, and all that your life offers?

Knowing deep down provides a trust that carries forward, lifting with inspiration on good days as well as challenging days.

Dare to reflect on what helps you show up as your best self!

I find that doing so helps me move beyond my limits.

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