Action that delivers patience

Action builds habits.

The action I find most useful in fixing impatience has to do with kindness to me.

When I’m acting in kind ways to myself, I gain patience with myself.

I’ve discovered that the times I’m most patient with myself, I’ve got a lot more to offer others.

Including my actions in patience rather than impatience ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve noticed patience comes from within.

I’ve discovered My Within’s got to get kindness from me before patience shows up for others!

I brew a pot of tea for me…

Herbal tea and stretching is one thing that works for me on days I’m in too much pain to walk.

What works for you on days like today?

How might you make time for that today?

Who do you most need to be patient with today?

Why does that matter to you?

When will those people most need your patience?

Where might you squeeze a wee bit of kind action for you in before that?

Even if it’s a bunch of brief breaks … it’s important to make time to act kindly to you in ways that fit today.

Sometimes it’s useful to ask questions to make it happen.

What might those questions be for you

Dare to ask questions that lead to kindness for yourself. That’s how to be patient! That’s how to fix impatience.

By the way, when you’re looking to be bright, alert and ready here’s a lift up to that fresh feeling:

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