How to identify paths to personal growth that fit you

I find that I can do small things. Start to finish! Often one after another.

I like to see results.

What happens when I see results? Hey, here’s the thing. I feel inspired to work for more results.

As I continue to do so, enthusiasm sets in. I tend to grow by my enthusiastic response.

In fact, small successes set me on fire. Even more when I know how each connects with what matters to me. That’s a way I gain patience with myself. It’s how I identify paths to growth most likely to work for me.

You know, there are times when I fail at small things. Other times where I fail and then fail again. Yet my passion guides me to dare to adjust and to dare to keep moving.

That way I’m moving forward steadily. Into success. Through failure. To the other side of life’s bumps.

Do you want to move steadily into success? You can.

Are you willing to press forward despite failure? You are able to do that. It’s easier when you choose small bits and pieces to focus on. One at a time!

Does patience with yourself feel possible for you today? It is. You might need to slow down a bit. I learned that slowing down helps me go faster.

Are your challenges, your life’s bumps, getting in the way of your enthusiasm?

Might you be able to do a bit more if your tasks were smaller?

Maybe your enthusiasm will grow if you choose to do something from start to finish today?

What can you do to move forward on what matters most to you?

What can you choose that’s small enough to begin now and finish sometime today or tomorrow?

By the way, simply showing up matters. I want to talk to you about that. Here’s a youtube for you:

Show up! Consistent Persistent Progress

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