Gratitude tool that works

Try this tiny behavior I added in to handle my newest challenges.

It’s simple. Straightforward. Yet it’s a satisfying way to increase my hopefulness about the future.

It works. From my research and from what I’ve already been applying I find the underlying principle works in a variety of ways. I’ve used many. I’ll continue using them. This is one extra tool that I’ve created.

What tool lifts optimism?

7 words on an index card in plain view.

What words?

I name these 3 blessings with thanksgiving.

How might you apply that here and now?

When you dig deeper and do it again, what do you find pops up for you now?

If you wrote it down for yourself, where’s a good place for you to put your note to yourself?

Variety helps with gratitude. Where might you put it so you see it a lot for a few days? Where might you hide it after that so that you find it at a time you want your optimism to soar?

By the way, in building my business while overcoming huge challenges, I’m creating youtubes. If impatience ever happens to you? Hey, here’s a few words to lift you clear of that:

Action I find most useful in fixing impatience

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