Goals as your tool to move forward steadily

When you know what you want, it’s good to have a tool to help you get what you want.

That’s what having goals is all about.

You can set one big goal. Then small goals that’ll get you there.

For example, you might write a tiny blog post. You might make a little YouTube. Or write an email.

If you do these three things daily, you can build habits that’ll help you launch a business.

Slowly! Yet big goals approached slowly can get done over time.

What’s one big goal that matters to you?

How are you breaking that into smaller goals that’ll get you there?

Where might you practice part of that?

When do you plan to get that started?

You can do small things.

Your small things move you forward steadily!

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia Ann Leighton gives an inspirational lift. If your challenges put you out of action or into feeling stuck, prepare yourself here. Learn to put into practice what you need. Focus! Clarity! Joy! Cynthia helps you get into implementation when you're struggling. Steadily! Get slow self-improvement and persistent growth. Develop hope for overcoming daunting challenges.