Acceptance includes hunkering down

Yikes! Life goes on.

Cold, foggy Saturday here.

Waited for the fog to lift before getting out of bed.

Pushed up the thermostat and went back to sleep.

Laundry’s running now. Bed’s got new sheets on.

Not a sparkling day.

Yet life does go on.

My Mirasee Business Ignition Bootcamp class finishes with tomorrow’s video.

I’ve done one bonus peer review. Have more in my inbox.

Yet I stayed in bed.

Hm. Sometimes acceptance means needing to hunker down in bed for extra hours.

Oh well.

I’m up now.

Blogging before breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

Time to eat!

By the way, I got back to YouTube making. Just once this week, but here it is: Dare to Nurture Yourself

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