How to decide what to do now

How do you decide what to do right now?

Prioritizing helps, right? Knowing priorities is good.

Here’s how to move beyond what you prioritize so that you get things done.

For when knowing your priority is not good enough.

Because prioritizing is not enough in the real world.

Simply put, there are reasons why priorities are necessary and yet insufficient.


Making what you want to happen really get done takes more than static choices.

Because life’s dynamic.

Stuff happens.


For example, when you start one thing, that’s great.

Starting is a big chunk of the problem in getting things done.

There are times when prioritizing and starting is enough.


Yet sometimes you find something along the way that needs attention, don’t you?


That happened just now to me.

I planned to write a post. But in getting started, I saw a small problem on my website.

It required a simple fix that could make a big difference in results.


Recognizing how a small change could give huge results long term?

Choosing to investigate now became both important and urgent.

So I looked closer.

Decided doing a simple fix now was sensible.


Ahh, here’s the rub.

Fixing that one led to finding one more problem and then another!

Okay, more problems.

So that meant making a decision.

A quick analysis led to looking at the pattern.


I chose to fix 8 problems immediately.

Others I chose to defer. Another pattern I chose to ignore right now.


Do you prioritize?

Do you find that your priorities shift and change?

If so, good job!

You’re observing.

Next step is being aware of what’s important, what’s urgent — and how to balance importance and urgency.

It’s a process!

Awareness helps you get going.

Living in the current moment guides you to your solution.


Why do you divert your attention to fix problems?

When do you fix a problem now and when do you save it for later?

Ask yourself from time to time!

As you pay attention, you’ll create a better process.

You’ll get things done!

As you notice how you decide what to do now, you’ll make things happen.

Being in the present moment, mindfully, gives you what’s sufficient.

You’ll dare to move beyond prioritizing.

You’ll still prioritize! You’ll do it dynamically, by asking yourself small questions.

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