How to turn problems into an adventure

The seeds of your personal growth are in your biggest problems.

Here’s the thing, you’ll always have problems.


When you decide to dig deep into each problem?

That’s when you learn.


The more problems you face, the more you learn.

The key to becoming a stronger person is applying these lessons.


For example, I’ve learned to keep smiling.

Smiles help me look on the bright side.


Smiles lead me to receive smiles back from others.

My smile, returned, lifts me up. Encourages me to connect with another person.


Sometimes I’m able to help in some small way.

That gives me practice serving.

And often leads to an adventure!

Or at least a positive attitude that begins to turn the day into an adventure.


Being positive helps me do the little things that turn this day into an adventure.

Where might you practice smiling?

How might you connect with someone who smiles back?

What might you to to be kind in a way that serves one of the folks who smiles back today?

Who do you care about that can you reach out to help that you might not otherwise see today?

Dare to act and you’ll begin to turn the rest of this day into your own small adventure.

Repeat tomorrow! You’ll build a habit. Your day to day routine can become an adventure.


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