How to build motivation into yourself

Personal success comes from accepting what you want!

Starts the fire within you.


You’ve got to move from acceptance, too. To doing small things. Repeatedly!

With some cleverness that you get from evaluating your results.


Recognizing your own desire, accepting it, and doing something small is a way to light a fire in yourself.

Because it gets you to realize you can do small things that fit in with what you want.

You interact with the world!

You learn to readily create habits of doing stuff you can do.

And in the doing, your brain gains.



Routines make it easier for your brain to accomplish what you want.

It’s not just practice, it’s in the engineering inside you. Your brain lays a pathway so that your synapses set stuff going faster on that path.


Basically? When you make something easy for your brain, it gets done!

That’s why investing time into creating morning and evening routines is helpful.


What you do becomes familiar. In special ways; inside.

The effort you put into making your morning go your way day after day helps you do so.

Even on rough days.


Your pattern embeds itself within you. In teeny tiny ways in your brain!

Same for night! With a bedtime bonus: it helps you sleep in more healthy ways that help your memory.


Your habits build over time, don’t they? You add one here, take one away there. Eventually, you become so accustomed to your own patterns that you can do all the tasks you tuck in with great attention to detail without spending much energy.


Awareness of what’s happening around you spreads into your day.

Enthusiasm awakens!

Your awareness and enthusiasm helps you respond better to the world.

That gets you so that you’re really aware in the here and now, understanding what’s around you, and sensing what’s next for you.


When your routine teaches you to pay attention in the present moment you learn to stay in the present moment.

You’ll tend to apply your curiosity in useful ways.

For example, mindfulness leads to discoveries of connections between what’s happening around you.

Make mindfulness part of your routine. That empowers your observations so that you apply what you learn as you go.


I wrote a bit about that on Quora. To learn more, click through here (or just copy and paste the link into your browser):

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