Reignite Yourself! Turn Tears into Valuable Time Talent and Treasure

When daunting challenges put you out of action, you lose momentum.

You can rebuild yourself when that happens.

It’s difficult. Scary! Lonely.

That’s natural. It’s normal. Because life is hard.

The really tough stuff hurts.

You pause. You stop in your tracks.

Indeed, you’re wise to come to a full stop.

For example: major surgery, illness, injury, divorce, death of a loved one.

You’re still you.

But you’re not interacting as you would do in other circumstances.


You retain your value.

But many times you don’t pour out any of that value.

Often, it’s temporary.

Yet there are times when you’re put out of commission for a while.

In fact, you may no longer have a path to delivering value that’s available to you.


Take courage!

Recognize that this is the tough stuff your life’s experience can be applied to…

Maybe not in the ways you’ve done before.

But in some way.


Disasters change your ability to act.

You need to do what you don’t know how to do yet.


As if that challenge weren’t enough?

You need to heal.


Despite that, you also need to re-ignite yourself.

Because in this world, you’ve got to deliver value that helps others solve their problems.


Fortunately, there’s always a seed for rebuilding yourself somewhere in the ashes.

Dig deep.

You can rebuild yourself.


It’ll be rough.

It’s there. Deep within.

Weakness and strength to apply to now.


God has a plan for you, even now.

Especially now!


Be open to that.

How? Be in the present moment.

Find one small action you might do today.


Break it into smaller bits.

Do one bit now.


Rejoice in the tiny results!

Even on days when the result is simply that you moved forward by taking action.

That’s something significant to be grateful for.


Because momentum comes from you being in motion.

It’s possible to steer a moving vehicle.

Not so much a parked one!

Dare to Reignite Yourself! Turn Tears into Valuable Time Talent and Treasure.


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Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia Ann Leighton gives an inspirational lift. If your challenges put you out of action or into feeling stuck, prepare yourself here. Learn to put into practice what you need. Focus! Clarity! Joy! Cynthia helps you get into implementation when you're struggling. Steadily! Get slow self-improvement and persistent growth. Develop hope for overcoming daunting challenges.