Evidence that completing goals builds confidence

Here’s how to begin: recognize the positive side effects from the value you’ve delivered in working your goals… in simple ways. Hm. Hi. I wrote this for another site. But it was deleted from the main stream. So I thought to share here since I believe it’s useful. So I’m quoting myself:

Effectiveness in living!

Setting a goal and accomplishing your goal gives you practice.

Along the way, you gain skills.

Life is full of change.

Daily. Annually. Across decades. Lifelong!

Coping with change is easier for those who embrace new experiences. Partly because that tends to lead to development of new skills.

Proof tends to show up in the results that you get.

Expect to find confidence evidence in your behavior.

However, you may find that your confident behavior seems to grow slowly.

Don’t feel discouraged if so.

Instead? Look closer!

Confidence leaps forward faster in tasks most related to what you do.

Don’t worry. Keep at it. Working at your goals will yield confidence.

It really does take practice.

You’ll get better at increasing confidence over time.

Practice is practical. It works when you work 🙂

Look for confirmation in the courage you show in your behaviors that feel most closely related to your goal work.

Examine your increased boldness in tasks!

Especially those most related to the goal you accomplished.

Your behavior in stepping outside your comfort zone is a clue!

Look at your goals as a testing process.

Measure the results you get.

That way you’ll encourage yourself through the process.

Because gaining confidence is a process, not an event.

Bonus: the results will continue to show up in tiny ways throughout your life.

Dare to set goals.

Work your goals.

Allow yourself to be aware of tiny ways you apply the results you get.

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