How to become more focused

This is to help you become more focused in all areas of your life!

Here’s how to begin: dare to simplify.

In simple ways.

I wrote this elsewhere. It was deleted from the stream (hidden so no one can see it to learn it!) So I thought to share here since I believe it’s useful.

In fact, I’m grateful to have something I’ve written to post here on my blog today 🙂

Yet it was originally posted elsewhere written by me so I’m quoting myself:


Pick just a few small things in each area that tug most at your desires.

That way you’ll have something to practice on.

Because it’s going to take practice.

Daily doing tiny tasks more mindfully 🙂

What one thing might make the most difference in your life?

It’s useful to get started in one small way.

You’ve probably got a gut feeling of what to explore first.

Your gut feeling may be the right thing to pick — or not!

What’s top of mind does give you a way to take a closer look.

You might not know how to go about exploring what you want.

That’s okay.

Your initial practices are more about the process of discovery.

Experimenting is useful.

Small tests!

Measuring results.

Observing what doesn’t seem to give any results.

Noticing what excites you enough to keep you going.

You can gain valuable first-hand knowledge by doing small practice runs.

It’s going to take a bit of exploring.

Transforming yourself requires knowing yourself — here and now as you are.

Because learning to focus is a change.

It’s likely you’ve got fears to break through to implement change.

You’ve got the mental fortitude to slip through your fears.

You do!

Yes, you really do.

It’s just that change does not come easily.

For you. For me. For human beings generally 🙂

You’ve got existing patterns — stuff that serves some purpose in your life.

It’s valuable to use positive reinforcement to change behavior (see B.F. Skinner’s behavioral research in the field of psychology for in-depth information!).

That way you can bypass some of the bad side effects folks introduce.

What you want matters.

Being patient, kind and gentle with yourself works.

Being willing to choose things that are likely to get you the kinds of small wins that give you positive reinforcement that keep you going… is priceless.

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