How to grab the keys to self-discipline

You’ve already got the keys to self-discipline!

In fact, if you peek closely at your life, you can find your own personal secret to how to get self-discipline.

This post is just to show you how to find your self-discipline!

Hm. I wrote this elsewhere. ‘Twas deleted from the main stream (so that means no one will see it there)!

Therefore I’m quoting myself here to get it in your hands:


Knowing what you want!

That way you recognize the value in what you’re doing.

Seeking what you’re grateful for — even within the mundane.

Because there are going to be tedious moments along the journey.

Simply being aware of what you appreciate often carries you forward.

Nurturing yourself so that you’re building yourself up as you go.

Choosing well so that you’re aware of the purpose to you in what you do.

When you see results, getting what you want becomes less about discipline and more about fun.

Enjoyment matters!

Dare to include what you love as you build a self discipline plan.

Setting the right goals that fit you in today’s situation.

Breaking out the steps so that it’s clear what’s next from moment to moment — and from mood to mood!

Having steps readily mapped out to choose from makes a difference.

Because let’s face it, sometimes you need variety.

Accepting what you’ve chosen.

Doing… now!

Trusting that you will do what you can when you can.

Getting into an action mode when possible.

Growing more capable by gaining skills — and recognizing problems as opportunities to become able to be, do and have more.

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