How to improve your self-esteem

Recognize that you matter! The world may inadvertently send you the wrong messages. So you’ve got to remind yourself.

Delivering value helps.

Yet finding the right places to deliver your value is crucial, too.

Hm. I’m going to quote myself (because I wrote this online and it was deleted from the main stream so that no one will see it – and it’s valuable).

Here’s quoting me on building self-esteem:


Sometimes the easiest way is to slow down.

You are good at some things right now.

So let’s start with where you are.

Think about what’s right — here and now.

Grow from there — just one little bit.

What have you completed the past month that you feel good about?

What can you do this week that’s related to the skills you used there?

What skills did you use during what you finished recently?

Which of those skills do you most want to use?

Believing in yourself can grow from applying skills you enjoy using.

There are many ways to improve your confidence.

Most have doing at the core.

By that I mean you being in some kind of action mode!

Gaining practice matters.

Putting in that critical effort over time — and seeing teeny tiny results.

Because it’s going to take deliberate practice for you to feel comfortable attempting to engage in the many opportunities that you’ve lost.

And practicing using your skills is one of the easiest ways to get practice.

Where might you help someone?

Is there a person in your community of family, friends and extended neighbors and known-to-you-people who might benefit from your help?

If so, volunteer to help. If not — ask around to get help finding someone to help.

Helping someone is a valuable way to get practice.

It tends to lift you up when you lift up another human being 🙂

You’ll begin noticing your own worth when you’re applying yourself in ways that you see others clearly benefit from.

Give yourself the gift of helping someone.

Start in some specific concrete way today.

Just make sure that your first attempts are so tiny that you’re likely to get some kind of a result.

If you live alone, maybe help an elderly neighbor with a small task.

Or help the folks you live with clean up your home a bit today.

Start with something.

Figure out something better for tomorrow.


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